Brad Gobright The Famous US Rock Climber Died

Brad Gobright The Famous US Rock Climber Died

Brad Gobright The Famous US Rock Climber Died: For the people who are already into rock climbing and trekking are aware of the name Brad Gobright Yes! the very famous US Rock Climber is now no more amongst us.

Mr. Brad Gobright met with a tragic end while he was on his routine work that is Rock Climbing, he was 31 years of age when he died. Brad Gobright was accompanied by his fellow mate American Aidan Jacobson who is 26 years of age.

Brad Gobright and his friend Aidan Jacobson were climbing on a route named as Shining Path in the northern state of Nuevo Leon on Wednesday, that’s the place where they accidentally lost control and balance and fell to through gravity.

Brad Gobright The Famous US Rock Climber Died

According to witnesses they nearly climbed up to 900 meters or 2,300 feet near the summit and they were returning down when this fatal accident happened. Witnesses also said that Jacobson landed on a Rock outcrop, but his friend the famous US Rock CLimber Brad Gobright fell further 300 meters by bouncing here and there, due to this impact he died.

“Jacobson suffered lesions on his right ankle and various parts of his body. He was treated at our base,” the statement said.

Last Instagram Post

It is so sad to see that Brad Gobright posted a photo of himself while climbing and his caption states that

” These are some shots taken on the desert road trip I took last week. The trip was ten days long and we sampled different types of climbing. Long, short, Wingate, solidified mud, exposed calcite, scary basalt. We climbed trad, sport and even bouldered. Some times it was very hot and other times it was very cold. We slept in the dirt, the back of vans and fancy hotel rooms”

“At times things got very chaotic but at other times it was calm and silent as I stared off into the vast openness. The trip wasn’t really about projecting and sending hard. It was more about getting variety in a relatively short amount of time. I hadn’t taken a trip like this in a really long time and it was actually a very refreshing experience”

All of his fans and followers are offering tribute to this Rock Climbing legend on his Instagram account. So that’s it in this short article, I hope This might aware you of the ongoings, Thanks for reading, keep sharing because SHARING IS CARING!

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