CARTOSAT-3 On PSLV-C47 Satellites By ISRO Launched Successfully

CARTOSAT-3 On PSLV-C47 Satellites By ISRO Launched Successfully

CARTOSAT-3 On PSLV-C47 Satellites By ISRO Launched Successfully: From the launch pad in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh ISRO successfully launched its CATROSAT-3 onboard PSLV-C47 on Wednesday at 9:28 AM in the morning.

As of now, ISRO has launched 8 CARTOSAT Satellites since 2005, basically, CARTOSAT-3 are the remote sensing satellites. Along with the CARTOSAT-3 Satellites, ISRO also launched 13 US Nano Satellites into the orbit.

CARTOSAT-3 On PSLV-C47 Satellites By ISRO Launched
Courtesy: ISRO

It was PSLV’s 49th flight and ISRo has already placed 310 of Foreign satellites into the orbit till now. The PSLV-C47 carried CARTOSAT-3 and other 13 US Nanosatellites lifts off from the second launch pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Center situated in Sriharikota of Andhra Pradesh at exactly 9:28 AM as it was earlier scheduled.

After 17 Minutes of lift-off, the PSLV-C47 placed the CARTOSAT-3 in a Polar Sun Synchronous orbit. The other US Nanosatellites were placed in the orbit in the next 10 Minutes duration.

CARTOSAT-3 On PSLV-C47 Satellites By ISRO Launched Successfully

Courtesy: DD National

According to the ISRO’s Chairman K Sivan said that the Rocket accurately injected CARTOSAT-3 and the other 13 US Nanosatellites into their desired orbits.

The CARTOSAT-3 will circle the Eart’s globe at a whopping altitude of 509 KMs along with an inclination of 97.5 Degrees. According to the reports and facts, it was ISRO’s 5th Launch in the Calendar Year 2019.

The earlier missions this year were Chandrayaan-2 In the month of July and it was 21st Flight of PSLV with an XL Variant and the 74th Mission from the LaunchPad Of Sriharikota.

What Is CARTOSAT-3 Satellite?

CARTOSAT-3 is the 1st of the 3rd Gen of advance earth observation satellites, It has a very High-Resolution Imaging Capabilities. The CARTOSAT-3 was the 9th in the series of the Remote Sensing Satellites. Earlier other 8 CARTOSAT Satellites were launched in past years since 2005.

It has High Imaging Capabilities so it will help in the urban and rural planning of our nation, as it is the very high resolution you can even count heads of pedestrians on the pavement using these masterpiece CARTOSAT Satellites.

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