Instagram Down and Facebook Down!

Instagram Down and Facebook Down

Instagram Down and Facebook Down: As the world is full of Social Media Lovers and Facebook-owned app Instagram and as well as Facebook itself went down all over the globe for hours! thousands of people started tweeting using the Hashtags like #FACEBOOKDOWN and #INSTAGRAMDOWN on Twitter.

This might be due to the Thanksgiving morning in the United States Of America because a large number of people started uploading photos or began to crowd the webspace of these two major websites.

Users complain that these two photo-sharing websites breakdown and not letting them share any photos and even they are not able to check any notifications.

Instagram Down and Facebook Down

Even I personally encountered this issue and was not sure about the problem because the majority of the time people think that this is due to bad internet or phone misfunctioning. But today not only the app but also the website of these social media giants crashed and were loading forever.

Everyone was in serious confusion till the Instagram Official twitter account gave an update regarding this issue. They said they are aware of this problem in which users are experiencing trouble while using Facebook and Instagram, and they made it clear that they are working on this issue and will solve it very soon.

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However, WhatsApp which is also owned by Facebook did not seem to have any problems as far as my experience, I don’t know about others, I hope Facebook will quickly fix this issue and let all the users use their Social Media sites as they were intended to be used.

So that’s it in this article regarding Instagram Down and Facebook Down! I hope this might clear all your confusions, Thanks for reading, Keep Sharing because SHARING IS CARING!

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