iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020: So as the year 2020 is fast approaching, so we are here sharing some iPhone Tips and Tricks which will help you to make use of your iPhone in a more efficient and fun way.

If you own iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 or any older iPhone then make sure you read this article on Apple iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020 completely. So let’s begin!

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020

Measure Anything On iPhone

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020

There is a new app in Apple iOS Appstore which is supported in iOS 12, this app name is MEASURE and this app using Augmented reality, computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in order to measure anything around us. It uses the camera in order to measure anything weather it could be a wall or a table!

Do Not Disturb During Night

Everyone loves to sleep! isn’t it? but during sleep, we do not want to wake up to loads of notifications or messages! we do not want to get disturbed during our peaceful and loving sleep! so in the latest iOS 12, there is a feature namely which DND stands for do not disturb.

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020

According to this feature, you can turn on the DND mode as per the time settings. When DND is on you will not get notified for any notifications whatsoever. So that you can live your dream when sleep!

Multi-Word Search In Photos App

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, computer vision the Photos App will detect the things which are present in the photos clicked on the iPhone and will arrange them using keywords.

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020

Like for example if you went for a vacation to the beach and you want to search those photos then in the Photos app search bar you just have to type Beach or Sunglasses etc in order to find or search the relevant photographs using the iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020.

Siri Voice Commands


Siri! who doesn’t know Siri? she is the official voice assistant in iOS devices including iPhones, the same as Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa Siri has a wide range of voice commands which will make your life much more easier using iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020.

In the latest iOS, 12 more commands are added to the Siri like now Siri can turn on or off the iPhone flashlight just on the tip of the tongue. This is much useful when you are wearing gloves and can’t access the flashlight through your fingers.

Another feature added in the iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020 is Siri’s capability to show passwords! you just have to trigger Siri and say “Hey Siri, show me my passwords”. Siri will show you your stored passwords!

Search Song Lyrics

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020

Whenever you don’t understand a song you need Song Lyrics but sometimes you eventually know the Lyrics but you are not aware of the song, then this feature of iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020 comes handy.

All you have to open the Music app and in the search box you have to type the lyrics of the song. It will begin searching the song in terms of lyrics and will show it if it recognizes it!

Manage Your iPhone Usage

Screen Time App

In the modern world, we are very much attached to our smartphones, So in order to control the mobile usage, the android came up with an app called Digital Wellbeing which will control your screen time on various apps and also warns you when you cross that boundary. So the iPhone came up with an app named SCREEN TIME.

How To Open iPhone Screen Time? the answer is right here

  1. Go to Settings > Screen Time.
  2. Tap Turn On Screen Time.
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Select This is My (DEVICE) or This is My Child’s (DEVICE).

This might help you in controlling your iPhone usage, as the heavy usage of mobile phones is playing a bad role in our lives.

Access Shortcuts In iMessage

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020

In the iOS 11 version, accessing more options required you to tap on the information icon in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you could choose from FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, and more details, such as images, attachments, location, and the ability to hide alerts or send read receipts.

In iOS 12, the information icon is more hidden but it makes the iMessage interface look cleaner. You can find it by tapping on the contact name within the message window, which also presents you with shortcuts for FaceTime and audio, tapping on those icons will enable either FaceTime option.

Your Say?

So that’s it in this article on iPhone Tips and Tricks 2020, we hope this might help you so that you can try it out on your iPhones! if you know any more tricks then please take a step and write it down in the comment section below so that we can add and update in this article, in the near future, Thanks for reading and keep sharing this because SHARING IS CARING!

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