New Zealand Volcano Accident 5 Died

New Zealand Volcano Accident 5 Died

New Zealand Volcano Accident 5 Died: It was a normal day in New Zealand until the volcano erupted suddenly on Monday the 9th of December 2019, This volcano is a tourist spot and it is located near the White Islands in New Zealand.

According to New Zealand’s Prime Minister that the Volcano eruption site is a tourist site and there were nearly 100 tourists present there at the time of the accident which took place in the Afternoon.

New Zealand Volcano Accident 5 Died

“Some of those, at this stage, are unaccounted for,” she said. “A number of people are reportedly injured and are being transported to shore.” She said the incident appeared to be “very significant.” “All our thoughts are with those affected,” she said.

According to the GeoNet agency, it was a moderate volcanic eruption and it further raised its alert level to four and a five-level represents a major volcanic eruption which will be fatal.

New Zealand Volcano Accident 5 Died
New Zealand Volcano Accident 5 Died

This White Island is located on about 50 Kilometers from the Shore of New Zealand. There was a notice given by the scientists that there is some unusual activity inside the Volcano and it might even erupt, even after knowing this fact the tourists were allowed to go there.

Till now several people go missing in the New Zealand Volcano Eruption accident and as many as 5 people die due to it. Still, the safety measures are being taken there to evacuate the people from the island and several operations are undergoing to locate the victims who are missing or may have died.

Among those on the island during the eruption were tourists from Australia, the United States, Britain, China, and Malaysia, as well as their New Zealand guides.

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